Background & Brief

Henderson Investment Properties are establishing a new type of entertainment complex. Aimed at a broad audience, from toddlers to grandparents. There will be a variety of activities to cater for all ages, skills and taste. A great day out for everyone.

Create a name and identity for this concept that can be communicated effectively especially across social media.

What We Did

Brand Name & Identity
Brand Guidelines

Gary assisted us through the whole process of developing a brand, a name, a logo, graphics and style, and we are delighted with the result.

Grant Wright, CEO Everyone Entertained

Our Idea

The challenge was to make ‘Everyone’ unique. By creating a symbolic E inspired by the hashtag, meant that we could add the branding to everything!

Good Brand Guidelines help third parties apply the branding
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Initial funding for this multi-million pound project has been raised. Everyone Entertained (EvEnt) is now finalising plans for locations across the UK and looking forward to their next steps on this exciting journey.

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