Founded by Abbie Cooke in 2005, Gig-Arts became a registered charity in 2013.

We were delighted when the artist Alison Lapper MBE, recently agreed to be a patron of our charity.

Gig-Arts presents dynamic interactive events for young people of all creative abilities, where they gain confidence, self-belief and the knowledge that their creative talent can make a difference in the community.

What We Do

Interactive events in:

Gig-Arts offers opportunities to young people with special needs. Our events are designed to inspire our  participants and make them feel special”

Abbie Cooke Founder of Gig-Arts

Our idea

The Gig-Arts font based on our GA Star symbol gives consistency and a unique look & feel that is easily recognised.


Banbury Gig-Arts

Our GA Monogram represents the stars of our show

Our Oxford Gig-Arts focused on dance with a Tango theme


The 3 symbols that represent what we do – Gain, Gig & Give


Gain, Gig and Give Symbols at Banbury Gig-Arts

T shirts are produced for participants at every event

Team badges use the distinctive Gig-Arts typeface

Reading Gig-Arts

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